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Frenkee's Safe

contracts always handy and under the best conditions

Frenkee's team of experienced professionals

How does Safe work?

Easily upload your contracts to the frenkee mobile app and always have them at hand - without the stress of surprises. works for you and only when you want it to! No more cunning consultants and annoying call centers.






Why use a Safe for contracts?

Paper becomes digital

After uploading, Frenkee digitizes your contracts and makes important parameters clear so you can understand them.

Contracts available anytime and anywhere

No more searching through drawers or customer accounts. Everything in one place, smartly, digitally, and ecologically.

Monitoring validity and anniversaries

Frenkee monitors the validity of all contracts and recommends extensions or better offers in time.

Automatic setting check

Frenkee checks the contract settings for life insurance, offers better or cheaper offers for insurance, monitors rates for loans, and timely offers refinancing.

Save without being bothered by call centers

Frenkee checks prices, terms, and rates every day so you always see in Safe where you can save or improve. Then you can click on the offer that interests you and sign up.

The app works for you

Set up the functions that you want to use according to what suits you. The application will only do what you want. No more annoying consultants and irritating call centers.

Frenkee aplikace hlídá smlouvy a lepší podmínky za vás

Frenkee aplikace hlídá smlouvy a lepší podmínky za vás

  • Ušetří v průměru 2 800 Kč na smlouvu
  • Každý den kontroluje ceny, podmínky a sazby na trhu...
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